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4-Step Tutorial | Written InstructionsUpdated 7 months ago

How to use the L'Brise™️ Coanda Attachments

The correct way to use the coanda curlng barrels is when your hair is damp, not soaking wet or completely dry. Use the third heat and airflow setting and hold it 5-10 seconds or until your hair is dry. After that, lock in the curls with the cool shot for around 3-5 seconds and turn it off before pulling down the hair tool. Sectioning your hair will also help. Please try not to touch the curls or brush them out until your hair is all curled. This allows the style to set and will naturally fall into place as you head out for the day.

Step by step

1- Start with your hair slightly damp. If it is already dry, slightly mist with a spray bottle or apply a volumizing mousse. This will bring your hair to the preferred 70-85% dry that is mentioned in many air styling tutorials.

2- Wrap your hair around the barrel. Allow the coanda effect to wrap the hair around the barrel or manually wrap the hair depending on your preference. Use the third heat and airflow setting to dry your hair for 5-10 seconds.

3- Lock and release the curl. Set the airflow to the cool shot setting for 3-5 seconds and release the curl. Please try not to touch the curls or brush them out to allow your style to set first.

4- Set the style. Use a dry shampoo or your favorite hairspray, spray and set the style. Many people will add rollers or pin the curls as well to get a longer-lasting style.

Each hair type is different and requires the right technique or product to achieve optimal results. Please be patient with yourself and allow the time to learn our hair too to achieve your look without the damaging effects of other hair tools.

Reach out to our community and share what works for you!

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